Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Work stops play

Massage this morning. Mmmmm. But instead of relaxing afterwards, I had to write an 800 word article about Masturbation. Yes, really. For Fiesta magazine. Well, the bills have to paid so we writers have to dance to any fiddler's tune. (Yes, awful pun, groan.) Did it, emailed it off, then decided to thrust my female character into the erotic clutches of her date. Well, someone has to enjoy themselves, it's only fair!

Today's word count: 45, 170 and now I can smell the curry Mr Grumpy is cooking downstairs so the computer is going OFF!


Jacula said...

Massage, masturbation, erotic fumblings and curry. That's quite a mix for one day!

Speaking of Master Bates, have you ever seen this Mormon article?


hydra said...

Oh dear, those poor Mormons! Glad I'm not one.