Friday, 18 April 2008

Is it worth it?

Just heard from my agent. Apparently no publishers at the London Book Fair are interested in my book because it's been too long since I was last published. But the reason for that is that he didn't like my last book. Apparently they only want authors who are young, pretty and marketable. It's like the old casting couch routine. If you're not gorgeous, or famous, but can write, you can't get published. If you're gorgeous, or famous, but can't write, you can get published. It's totally crazy and not fair.

I have loved writing this book but I don't see any point in finishing it now as all my enthusiasm has gone. The wind has been taken out of my writing sails. I expect the next thing I shall hear is that my agent is dropping me. It's sad, because writing is what I have done ever since I was in my twenties - but back then, there were few opportunities for young writers and all the popular and respected ones were the age I am now. It feels like I was born at just the wrong time. All that's left is for me to become an Angry Old Woman. Perhaps I should start the AOP Party - AngryOld People - and lobby Parliament for increased pensions and a vastly reduced Council Tax (or none at all if you're earning £10K or less, which I shall certainly be doing in a couple of years' time. Then someone would want to publish my outpourings, once I'd featured in enough demos and biffed a few MPs with my zimmer frame. Maybe...


Jacula said...

Hydra - I am sending you an email about this (to your Babble address).

Jacula said...

Sometimes there are times

where we don't know where

to turn.

We can't say things out

loud and so have to


The 1812 Overture, with

cannons, is a fright!
Not what we thought of when

we sought Mr Right.

We try donning ear plugs

but they don't always work,
Especially when the

buttocks clash and then we

go, 'ERK!

and peg our nostrils, then

leave the room and wonder

what happened to the
va va voom.

But love's a two-way street
where lovers must meet
and make love,
forgetting all of the


Jacula said...

Hmm! Weird spacing on that poem, but you get my drift. xx

hydra said...

I roared with laughter when I read your poem. Brilliant!

Jacula said...

Glad you like it! It just came to me on the spot as I went to comment on your blog. :-)