Thursday, 3 April 2008

Rash moves

I've broken the 50,000 word barrier today. 50,049.

On the downside, I have developed a hideous itchy rash on my forehead. Could it be my overheated brain cells trying to fight their way to the surface? On Daphne the masseuse's advice, I smeared it with Aloe Vera gel, but the itching didn't stop, so I wiped that off and tried a dab of Eurax antihistamine cream from the chemist. That has brought the spots out and they look like nasty, raised warty things. My fringe hides them, but also makes them itch. Perhaps it's an allergy to my shampoo. At least I don't notice it when I'm absorbed in my writing. But at night, it's hell and I wake up to find myself rubbing it - I'm sure I've rubbed a patch of hair off, too - and raking at a similar patch on my back. It's not pretty and I'm glad it's not summer yet. Though maybe a dose of sunshine might clear it up. Sunshine? What sunshine?

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