Monday, 31 March 2008

Coy-tus interruptus

I've worked all day on the book and am halfway through chapter twelve, having left one of my main characters on a terrace with a handsome date, acting coy and trying to decide how far she is going to go. He has his tongue on her breast. She is telling herself it's only their first date and she mustn't. But he is rich, handsome, successful and... single? Or not single? Tell me, what should she do?

Today's word count: 44,310. Good progress, eh?
Tomorrow I am going for a full body massage, after which I shall be too relaxed to write a single word, and my poor character will have to remain in mid-fondle.


Jacula said...

Hope the would-be seducer's tongue hadn't dried out by the time you'd had your massage.

What should the heroine do? Well, if she likes him, she should slap on the chocolate body paint. If she doesn't, then a coat of 'Stop'N'Grow' on each milky mound should do the trick.;-)

hydra said...

Stop 'N' Grow! I should have thought of that. It's brilliant! I've let her have a day and a half of non-stop sex. Ouch!