Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The manuscript grows...

Ooh! Had an exciting email from my agent in which he says he's going to take my synopsis and first three chapters to the London Book Fair. Maybe I'll sneak in and lurk. Or I could pose as a publisher (in disguise, of course) and say, "I've heard this person is a fantastic writer" and up my own image!

Today's word count: 47,639. Plot strands include hospitalisation, belligerent teenager and the threat of death by chips.


Jacula said...

When the book finally hits the bookshops I'll be sure to nip into a few and turn the cover of it front on. It annoys the hell out of bookshop employees but it's a good ploy to get the book noticed. (Who looks at spines unless they are looking for a particular author or book?)

(You'll have to let me know title/author name etc., when the time comes.)

hydra said...

I certainly shall. My agent has asked me to come up with some different names as he thinks the one I chose for it is boring.