Sunday, 6 April 2008

It came, it went...

... but it was so pretty while it lasted. The snow, I mean. When I was a child, I thought weathermen made the weather. If they told us it was going to snow, it meant they were engineering the direction of the wind and making the clouds puff up with big white flakes. I used to wonder why they made it rain at weekends when they knew everyone wanted to go out and enjoy themselves.
Today, there were loads of people out having fun, having snowball fights, making snowmen. Then the spoilsport sun came out and melted all the lovely white stuff, but it was gorgeous while it lasted, a taste of what proper British winters used to be like.

Today's Word Total: 56,849.

Tomorrow and Tuesday I shall be out and giving my typing fingers a well-deserved rest.


Jacula said...

They don't make snow like they used to!

I took some snow pics, too, one at about 4am and one at about 11am. They're in my blog. Yes, I've begun with a test run.:-)

hydra said...

Oh good! I'll have a look.