Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Ever since I conceived the idea for my book, I had the title in my head. In fact, it was almost a case of the title being born first. Now my agent has told me he hates the title, thinks it's boring and wants me to come up with alternatives. I sent him four and he hates all of those, too. What is a poor writer to do? I like my first title and if he manages to sell the book, hope to persuade the publisher to keep it. But will my agent be willing to market the book with its original title?

I have now reached 62,044 words but, having had three blissful weeks with hardly any work to do, it has now come pouring in and as my work requires typing lengthy appraisals of other people's books, I shan't have any time to spend on mine. Just as I had reached an interesting point in the plot, too! Perhaps I can do the odd 500 words here and there... The agent tells me to write 90,000 words but really, I could use more. I thought I was running out of plot, but there is still so much to squeeze in and I don't want the end to feel rushed - something which I often have to criticise other writers for. Perhaps it's good to have doubts while you are writing. Maybe it helps to keep you on your toes, aware of common writing sins so you can avoid them. Maybe I am putting too much in, enough for two or even three novels! But, like life, I shan't know if it's been a success or not till I reach the end


Jacula said...

I wish I was an agent,
rather than a writer,
'cos it's easy then to say,
'Make the writing tighter.'
Our words are our babies.
We love each and every one.
It's hard to point the finger,
throw them out, say, 'Words, be gone!'

Seriously, though interrupting the flow might hinder progress (though I suspect the story will still burst out anyway), taking a step back can sometimes be a help in seeing which of our 'babies' need to leave home.

Am intrigued about your title. Hope it wasn't 'Bosom Buddies', thinking of the scene you quoted.

Best of luck to you, Hydra. I shall be monitoring your progress daily, coffee (or wine) in hand and I'll try to get my own blog into some kind of shape. I know how long doing appraisals can take!

hydra said...

Sounds like you are in the same line of business as I am, Jac! Love your poem, by the way. Do you write a lot of poetry? I was invited to read some of mine on 28th April but am having a very nasty dental appointment that same day, so I don't suppose I shall be up to it. Shame!