Monday, 31 January 2011

Men and supermarkets

Having had so many rows with Mr G in supermarkets, where he ruins my shopping experience - dawdling in aisles, picking up new things and looking at them, wandering into the clothes section and perhaps even (gasp, impatient tapping of male foot, looking at watch and grumbling and limiting me to ten minutes only) trying them on - I now try to wangle it so that he goes alone.

He returns like a trapper from the snowy wilderness, or a cave man from a brontosaurus hunt, dragging his booty in through the front door and demanding an instant mug of tea for his pains. He prides himself on having done the whole thing in twenty minutes flat, including having to scan his goods twice through the self-service scanner because the assistant who had to approve the purchase of my wine box accidentally wiped out everything he'd just scanned. (Did I smile?)

At least this leaves me free to go on a sneaky trip all on my own, where I can dilly and dally to my heart's content.

Are all men like this? Does anyone know a man who actually enjoys supermarket shopping (and isn't gay!)?


Teresa Ashby said...

Other way round with us - I like to whizz round as fast as I can and leave (or even better, not go at all) whereas he can spend ages dawdling. We don't shop together very often!

Perovskia said...

Yeah, my buddy Jim doesn't mind taking his time. I can peruse or dawdle and he doesn't rush me.

Jane Lancaster said...

Yes my fella is much better at it than I am. I think I've got more male in me than him... I hope he's not gay!