Monday, 10 January 2011


Since the end of November, apart from one day when I walked four miles, I have been a total slob. My gym membership ran out and there is just nowhere nice to walk round here, just the pavements and the boring recreation ground where I can do a circuit around the football pitch. And what an icy wind whips across that field. It brings tears to your eyes. It's bang opposite my doctor's surgery so I half hope to be noticed if I have a jog and patted on the back and held up as a good example to the rest of the patients, most of whose jogging days are well over, judging from the walking sticks and zimmer frames that you have to fight your way round to get to the reception desk.

I don't want to put all that weight I lost back on again, so I forced myself out today. My last GP said that, to be fit, we all needed to walk three miles per day. I have done my three miles in two stretches, one to the Post Office and back, coming back the long way round, and a mile each way to the charity stuff with a bag of throw-outs. Yes, I know what you're thinking: did she come back with anything?

The answer is yes, she did! A purple velvet hoody and a purple scarf, just the shade to go with my fab new coat, reduced from nearly £200 to £45. It's pinkish-purple, dark blue and black and I just HAD to have it!

I must take a piccy of it in the daylight; it looks crap in the bedroom lighting. Believe me, it really is nice and, being 47% wool, it's warm, too.Now, all I need is a day when it's not going to rain, so I can go out and show it off.