Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Patron Saint of Lost Things

My friend Jill has a pet patron saint. She is called Mother Cabrini and she can be relied upon to find you a parking spot even in the most crowded of places. I have witnessed Jill's prayers to Mother C. being answered on several occasions when I have been a passenger in her car and it has quite taken my breath away.

Now, I don't drive and am in no need of parking spots. Years ago, I had a St Christopher medallion but I lost it and I hardly travel these days (these two events are unconnected). Today, I realised I had lost something else. I had lunch with my friend M, opened my wallet, only to find it completely empty, no sign of the £50 I took from the ATM yesterday.

If you read my last couple of entries, you'll know how distracted I have been on account of the flat that never was. Maybe, whilst struggling with bagm credit card wallet and brolly, I forgot to take it out of the machine. Maybe, while paying for my coffee in M&S, when I left my wallet on the counter while scrabbling for my coin purse, someone whipped the cash out of it. Whatever happened, it has gone.

So I looked up the patron saint of lost things, who happens to be St Anthony of Padua and I prayed to him to help me find my cash. I'll let you know if my prayer has a result. I doubt it, though. My money has probably already gone up somebody's nose in coke, or through their lungs as dope, or through their kidneys as alcohol. Or even into their wardrobe as a nice new item of clothing from M&S!


Perovskia said...

Heh... St. Anthony, St. Anthony, turn around, my is lost and must be found.

He's helped me find a few things. I do hope it works! (Sorry you lost your money) :(

hydra said...

It didn't work for me. I have genuinely lost my money. Can't remember whether I thrust it into my bag or pocket (which I often to, as one doesn't want to be fumbling around with fistfulls of cash near an ATM), or what I did with it. I think that somehow it got stolen - or when I pulled out my umbrella, I pulled the notes out with it. Oh well. Haven't had any work since just before Christmas, so hope I get some soon so I can replace the missing cash!

Perovskia said...

I hope so, too!