Friday, 21 January 2011

Dream flat

A friend tipped me off about a flat she'd seen online. I immediately rang up and found I was speaking to the agent through whom I'd sold a flat 14 years ago. He said it had just come on and already they had more than 20 people booked in to see it.

It was a probate sale and the gentleman who showed me round was elderly, courteous, polite and very emotional as it was his best friend who had died and he was an executor of the Will. The moment I walked in, I fell in love with it. So often in London, you walk into somewhere which has been done up to the nines and looks like a show apartment rather than a real home. This had a beautiful, calm, warm atmosphere. The late owner had lived there for 30 years and I could still feel his friendly presence.

I rushed back to the agent and made a full asking price offer, but was warned that there would probably be several other bids and the price could get pushed up beyond my reach. I'm trying not to think about it, but mentally I am already living there and will be gutted if/when my hopes get dashed. It's the only property I have really fallen in love with since I bought the little cottage I owned in 2002, and sold in order to pay off a debt. (Idiot! I could have added the sum to the mortgage but I never thought of that at the time and that tiny cottage is now worth £550,000!!! Well, it is in trendy Highgate.)

Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Jacula said...

My fingers and toes are firmly crossed for you. Getting on with everyday things might be a little difficult in this condition so let me know the moment you get that flat!:-)

hydra said...

Thank you, Jacula!

Perovskia said...

Fingers crossed, prayers said.

This is the first time you've (admittedly) 'saw' yourself in a place. It's a good sign :)