Wednesday, 12 January 2011

So many dreams

The last three nights have seen my sleep invaded by vivid dreams. I've been riding a lovely chestnut horse (but had the anxiety of coming back to a deserted riding and not knowing what I should do with my mount); I've been given my own radio show, then found the headphones wouldn't work and I couldn't get phone-ins or studio guests and had to gabble on for two hours, and even found myself telling my listeners about having healed someone's shoulder by beaming colours into them (this really happened) - I guess this was another anxiety dream. More and more, dream after dream, pleasant ones mixed with tensions and anxieties. It's as if all my dreams had been jammed up in my psyche somewhere and are now tumbling out like rocks and logs in flood water.

Could it be just coincidence that three days ago I started taking Magnesium and B Complex tablets, having read that they could help you sleep better?

PS: I took my pills at lunchtime today. Big mistake. I started feeling dozy about an hour later and almost dozed off on the treadmill. My eyes actually closed on the bus and I nearly missed my stop. Must make sure I only take them at night.

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