Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The orchid's progress

One more bud to go! This is the orchid that was brought back from the dead by repotting it and giving it some Baby Bio. I think it's saying thank-you.

(An operation to have a testicle removed is called an orchidectomy. And a man with only one ball is a 'monorchid.' What is the linguistic relationship between testicles and the beautiful orchid plant - anybody know?)


Jacula said...

In answer to your question, the name comes from the Greek "├│rkhis", literally meaning "testicle", because its root has a similar shape. The term was introduced in 1845 by John Lindley in "School Botany".

hydra said...

Thanks, Jacula.You saved me the bother of looking it up!

Joan Byrne said...

If I recall rightly, orchids were banned in Victorian times as they were thought to be too sexy and might excite unwary women.
I've become one of your followers, using another of the photos that you took of me.

Jacula said...

Joan - I believe that unwary women were also given orgasms by doctors n order to alleviate 'hysteria'. Double standards, wot?