Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My new health regime

This is my elderly version of Bridget Jones. My name was once Read-Jones, so I think I can get away with it!

Exercise taken today
: 2 mile walk taken in 1 mile stretches, punctuated by a visit to the charity shop to take a bag in. I bought a pair of M&S jogging bottoms off the £1 rail - does that count towards exercise? As I was paying for them, I remembered the donation that was weighing down my shoulder bag consisting of £3 in pennies and twopenny pieces. I handed it to the woman, she put it down with a thump on the counter. Coins flew everywhere. I beat a hasty retreat.

Ingredients towards my 5 a day: 6 cherries on my muesli, a banana, carrot soup and half an avocado. That makes 4 of the 5, but I haven't had dinner yet. However, I know it's going to be chicken curry. Oh dear.

Sins: a pistachio biscuit, a very small Cadbury's chocolate biscuit that gave me indigestion so I shan't have any more, ever, and the very last of Mr G's home-made fairy cakes with butter cream icing on top and lots of hundreds and thousands. Yum. He made five, or was it six? I ate five, or was it six? Oh deary dear! I should also add the glass (or two) of wine that I shall need to wash the curry down with. Not a good start to the New Year. Not even as good as yesterday, which was 3 miles walked, two fairy cakes, no biscuits and an entire day on fruit and veg.

I thank my lucky stars that I'm too old to get spots. Not on my face, at least - memories of teenage spots giving a new edge to the last line of my Hindsight poem. Many were the times that I 'prodded a painful spot'! And I reckon my over-use of acne cream has contributed to the very dry skin I have around my chin and nose today If only I hadn't... hindsight strikes again.


Jacula said...

How come you were once Read-Jones?

hydra said...

I married a Jones but didn't want to be Mrs Jones and he agreed with great eagerness to change his name by deed-poll to Read-Jones. I found out only after I had married him that he was dodging loads of debt collectors, which is why he was keen to change his name. There is a much longer story attached to this! Suffice it to say, I changed it back to Read after our divorce.