Monday, 17 January 2011

Stomach bad again

My stomach feels terrible and I have had to text a friend who was expecting me for lunch and really looking forward to it, to say I wouldn't be there. To get to my friend's requires a bus to the station, a tube to Kings Cross, another tube to Barnet, then a bus. It takes around two hours to get there. Added into the mix was a visit to the dental hygienist first, then, at 2.30, a long walk to view a house for sale. And it is simply tippling down with rain.

I have an hour to try and get my stomach to rights before setting out to the dentist's. Then I shall come straight back afterwards, dripping wet. Hope my friend will forgive me. Right now, I am clutching my stomach and groaning. I did get stressed out when I was stuck in the crowd as they evacuated the Tate Gallery yesterday, and the stew I made last night was very rich, so perhaps those two factors are to blame. Why can't I be normal and wake up feeling OK every morning? All my friends think I am so unreliable, but I really can't help it.