Wednesday, 12 January 2011

In the nick of time!

Just as well I have started exercising more. I stuck myself on the scales today and I have put on a staggering 6 lbs since the start of December. OMG!!! Here are today's good and bad statistics.

Exercise taken: half an hour at the gym. I struck a really good bargain and instead of paying £150 for 6 months, I bargained them down to £100 for cash. I could have got a whole year for £180 but I am determined not to be here in a year's time. I said last year that one more winter in this freezing house would kill me. It's a wonder I'm still here!

5 A Day ingredients: muesli with grapes and cherries on for breakfast. Banana for elevenses. Carrot and coriander soup for lunch. And a veggie pasta for dinner.

Sins: one M&S pistachio biscuit. My halo is gleaming. Wonder if I can restrain my hand from reaching towards the wine box?

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