Saturday, 1 January 2011

Vanishing posts

I deleted yesterday's posts because I had said too much and didn't want to upset Mr G. He is very kind and generous in many ways, and if he's a grouch, and odd in various ways, I must never forget that he has sustained brain damage from his brain haemorrhage and strokes. When they scanned his brain, there were large dead areas. Heaven only knows how he operates and passes for normal. I haven't had any brain damage and I have difficulty passing for normal half the time!

Was eating a mince pie earlier and a big chunk of tooth fell onto my plate. Not quite sure where from, but I shall be on the phone to the dentist on Tuesday. One poor friend of mine spent the whole of Christmas with raging toothache from an abscess. My very worst nightmare. It's nearly two years since I had one and the tooth has never been the same. There is a small pocket of infection still in it somewhere and, as the dentist told me, it will either cure itself, or the tooth will have to come out.

I've said this before (see the poem I wrote on the subject, which is in my blog a couple of years back), and I'll say it again: human teeth are a design fault. Mind you, I shouldn't like to be a crocodile with toothache!


Patsy said...

Hope you get that tooth fixed before it causes you any trouble.

Teresa Ashby said...

I lost a chunk of a back tooth over Christmas too and it feels as if I have a razor blade in my mouth every time I eat, drink or talk - I've taken to covering the sharp bit with chewing gum. I think it will probably have to come out - about all that's left of it now is the filling.
Damn teeth! But you are right - could be worse - could be a crocodile with toothache!

hydra said...

What a coincidence, Teresa! Mine is a back tooth and I, too, have bought chewing gum!!! I shall be ringing my dentist tomorrow. Good luck with your tooth.