Friday, 4 February 2011

Glums, glooms and blues

I have a writing buddy. I asked him to nag me at the start of Feb, and he has done so. I made a vow to have a chapter of a book written by the end of March but I haven't written a single word. It's cold, grey, windy, I have fallen out with a really good friend as we had a loose arrangement to meet on Wednesday (two hours there, two hours back, just to have lunch, I was dead tired and didn't feel up to the journey) and I feel depressed and uninspired.

Yesterday we had lovely sunshine and what a difference that made. I donned my new Gortex walking boots and went out to test them. They hurt. That could mean £47 (reduced from £70) down the drain as the part that hurts is the metal eyelets for the laces, that press against my instep and dig in. That sunshine made all the difference to my mood, though. I could feel some warmth despite the wind and I felt energised. Maybe I suffer from SAD.

I've just come back from viewing a lovely cottage in the back of beyond (if you don't drive, which I don't). It belonged to a guy in a band and was full of guitars but a helluva trek to town and the station. Mr G was really keen on it but I think he just wants to get rid of me. I feel so stuck, so bleak, and this afternoon I have to go to see none other than the doctor who did my unsuccessful pile operation. If he suggests doing it again, I know what my answer will be and it will probably turn the air blue!


Jacula said...

How about getting a bicycle or one of those motorised pushbikes, or perhaps a scooter?

hydra said...

Difficult to park it without getting it stolen, and hard to take on the tube with me! Anyway, I couldn't do the walk back at night alongside the canal and down the dark lanes. No way!