Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Seasick Steve

I am a huge fan of Seasick Steve. I have all his albums. So when I saw he was due to perform in concert at the Festival Hall in London, I raced to book a ticket and have got one single ticket at the end of a row at the front of the balcony. I should have a great view from there.

Last time I booked myself a concert ticket, for Richard Digance last month, I actually forgot to go. That's because I was going alone and there were no arrangements to make to meet anyone, so I forgot.

It's been years since Mr Grumpy would go to a concert or movie with me. He won't go for a drink as he's teetotal and won't go to pubs, and he won't go out for a meal since his strokes, as his throat sometimes closes up and he chokes because he's still a little bit paralysed in places. So when it comes to social life, I have to make my own. Hence my sad single ticket to Seasick Steve. But Seasick has such a feelgood act that I'm sure I shan't feel like a sad old singleton for long.

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