Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Hair today...

There's still no news about my friend. None of us has the slightest shred of hope. When my Gran died, my dad sighed, shrugged and announced, "Well... life must go on." My mother let her feelings out. Like me, she would cry when upset, and she couldn't understand why Dad didn't shed a tear. I think he did... inside. To the world, he did the true British 'stiff upper lip' act. I happen to think a good howl is healthy. But it's had to sob for someone who you're not sure is definitely dead. At last I understand a little of what people must go through when a loved one goes missing. It's like war. The telegram arrives - 'Missing in action, presumed dead.' That's all we can say about David.

I have a hair appointment today and have made a drastic decision. I have had my hair short twice in my life - when I was 18 and going off to Uni, and in the '80s when I was a magazine editor and had the power shoulders and big hair. Now that my hair is thinner and no longer as lustrous as it was when there was plenty of oestrogen floating around my body, I think it's time for the chop again. I was watching an old episode of CSI Las Vegas last night and in it Marg Helgenberger who plays Catherine Willlows had short hair that really complemented her high cheekbones and strong jawline. Then I switched over to C5 and saw an episode in which her hair was longer but she looked a lot older, and I realised that it was the hair that was doing it. The shorter cut looked young and perky, the long hair was draggy and drained her face. I wish I had a photo of her with her short, shaped style, because that's exactly what I want.

I was looking forward to a holiday in Turkey next month with my friend from Canada, who I haven't seen for ten years. She has been touring the Middle East and was intending to spend a month in Turkey and I had almost booked myself a cheap flight - and found us an apartment. It was lucky I didn't because she emailed yesterday to tell me her mum has been taken critically ill and she is having to fly home. More rotten news. Will life ever be happy and carefree again?

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Perovskia said...

Love the hair :)

Have faith, life will get better again.