Sunday, 25 April 2010


Looked at my blog this morning and thought, 'That's funny. Where have the photo of Flad on the bench and the one of me in a summer frock gone to? I know I put them on the blog yesterday.' What happens is that when you've just done something on one blog, that goes to the top of the list. I'd got used to Told You I was Ill appearing first, so I uploaded the pics into the wrong blog!

It's so sad that, after a week of perfect weather, it's pouring with rain for the London Marathon. I feel especially sorry for the disabled entrants who are spinning their wet wheels around the circuit. I feel they should all have big brollies over their wheelchairs.

As I lay musing in bed this morning, wondering how long I could postpone getting up, I suddenly had a eureka moment. I am a closet inventor. My first cousin Merv from Wales is a full-time inventor so it must run in the family. Apparently he has left me the rights to one of his inventions in his Will, but I'm not allowed to know what it is! Not until it's on the market, anyway.

But back to my invention. Seeing how easy it is for a ladder to tip over with somebody on it, I mentally invented ladder stabilisers; heavy blocks to fit the feet of the ladder into, to stop it swaying left or right. Bet somebody's already done it. A few years ago, having struggled to apply suncream to my back on the beach, I invented a back-spreader. Now someone else has thought of it and it's being sold in those funny little catalogues that drop out of newspapers (or arrive uncalled-for in the post), selling everything from incontinence aids to electronic mouse deterrents. (They don't work. I bought my sister one, she put it in their store room and the wretched rodents still ate all their mountaineering backpacks.)

Think I'll go back to bed with my cup of tea while I invent the wheelchair canopy...

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Jacula said...

I've invented all sorts. Just wish I'd patented them. LOL

I was musing on the step ladder thing the other day, and I think you have a point, but I also rememeber something from one of those catalogues that fall out of magazines, especially 'YOURS' or 'People's Friend'.