Monday, 19 April 2010

Poor old Flad

Poor old Flad. He was beaten up yet again last night by the big bruiser from next door, just when I'd managed to entice him back out into the garden, following his attack of nerves after the previous fight. Flad is such a gentle cat (unless you try to shove him in a cat basket - Mr Grumpy still bears the scars!). He is the only cat I have ever trusted to let me rub my face on his belly fur without gouging my eyes out. He never, ever does that disembowelling thing with his back feet that most cats do when you stroke their tummies.

They have an electric fence next door to keep their four expensive pedigree Bengal cats in. The smallest one has perfected the shed to shed leap and spends lots of time here. She and Flad tolerate each other. But Junior has decided that he will bear the pain of shoving through the electric wire for the pleasure of beating up Flad. Mr G is planning to do reinforcing things with wire mesh. I hope it works, or poor Flad will look even more depressed than he does in this photo.


Teresa Ashby said...

Poor Flad. Junior sounds horrible.

Jacula said...

There are/were a pair of grey cat brothers living near to me who used to beat up other cats. Originally, as kittens, they were known as The Grey Twins. As their true natures became apparent, they were rechristened The Kray Twins.

I think they've either calmed down or moved away now.

A big black smooth-hair is now the one that keeps having run-ins with our cat. (That was the cat on the rabbit shed roof in one of my blog pics.) I even saw it trying to have a go at a fox in our garden last night!

hydra said...

Old BC (short for Bastard Cat!) chased a fox round and round the garden. I watched in utter disbelief as BC chased it in circles on the lawn till it pushed off through the shrubbery.

Jacula said...

Foxes, especially if vixens with cubs, as at this time of the year, will not go out of their way to pick a fight, Injury is not an option.