Friday, 16 April 2010

Hair again!

A couple of my friends reckoned this is a nicer photo. Shame about the tarpaulin over the shed a neighbour has been building for the last two years!


Teresa Ashby said...

I love your new hair do!

Joanne Fox said...

Nice haircut! Your garden looks lovely too.

hydra said...

It's my partner's garden, his house, his kitchen, his cooker, my office is in his spare room, I have taken up another of his rooms with all my junk... just italicise the 'his'! He tells me at least twice a day. It's a gorgeous garden but I'm not allowed to do a thing in it, not even plant any flowers, boo-hoo. One day I shall have MY garden again! (and my bed, my TV, my bath, my cooker....)