Friday, 16 April 2010

Depressed cat

Poor old Flad. He's been beaten up a couple of times recently and is very nervous about going out, and now Mr Grumpy has installed a new catflap which Flad refuses to use as it slams shut with a bang (magnets in the door strip) and he's terrified of it! He's spending all day curled up on the bed and how he manages to cross his legs for so long, I just don't know.

I persuaded him out this afternoon - it took a lot of doing - and now he hasn't come in for his dinner, which he always demands at 4 pm, as he has breakfast around 6 when Mr G gets up. Perhaps he's trying to conquer his agoraphobia by going walkabout. I hope he's not being held at bay by one or other of his two mortal enemies, Junior the big Bengal from next door, who keeps escaping even though they have an electric fence around the garden (I think he's dug a tunnel), and the terrible tom from four doors away.

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