Saturday, 17 April 2010

Hair disaster!

The hair... OMG, the hair! It just won't go right. I did what the hairdresser told me. I bought serum, I bought a heated styling brush, I tried my best but instead of the neatly curved locks, I have ended up with a care in the community pudding basin look. And I have lunch tomorrow with an old boyfriend I haven't seen for twenty years. What will he think of me? I think the next step is to buy a wig!!!


Joanne Fox said...

Perhaps it will look better when you've slept on it. It's hard doing your hair as well as the hairdresser does it, unless you're an octopus. Blow drying with your head upside down is good for body!

Teresa Ashby said...

That's exactly what I was going to say - mine always looks better after I've slept on it. But for some reason however short I have it I always end up with a bit sticking out on one side and no amount of goo will stick it down!

hydra said...

You were both right. It did - as you can see from the photo I have just posted.