Tuesday, 27 April 2010


As I mentioned in my comment below my last entry, my scan has had to be postponed because I had a really bad tummy upset this morning. When I rang the hospital to see if I should still come tomorrow, they said no and are going to send me a new date. Was it psychomatic? Was it a result of eating reheated stew from the day before? Who knows. If it happens again next time, I shall take two Immodiums and hope for the best.

I have been going through my bags of summer stuff from not only last year but probably the last five years, chucking stuff out. Trouble is, the friend I do car boot sales with lives 25 miles away and I have to make several trips to her place on the tube, taking a couple of bags each time. Sometimes I think it would be much easier for Mr Grumpy to drive me and two binbags to the local RSPCA charity shop. The alternative is the several trips and then the gamble over whether I should stay at my friend's overnight ready for the 7 am queue at the gate of the school where the boot sale is, or whether to get the tube straight there and meet her at 8 to help her set up our stall, or if the weather is going to be good enough. (Which means me having to rise at 6 and hope the Metropolitan Line is working, a rare occurrence at weekends at the moment, due to engineering work.)

These boot sales are held monthly, so for a few days beforehand we avidly watch the weather forecasts and ring each other the day before for a 'do we, don't we' conversation. She did one on her own last year and took a couple of bags of my stuff and only made me £4. She gets lots of free makeup as she writes beauty articles, so she sells her freebies and makes about £50. The charity shop option is getting more and more tempting!

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