Friday, 30 April 2010

The day saved?

I deleted the last post as I realised I shouldn't have told the world about my finances. I just got carried away as I was so upset. Anyway, the estate agents have a mortgage department. At first, they said they could get me one but the repayments would be £450 a month, which I really didn't want at all. They asked if I had any other investments and when I mentioned an Isa, they said they could get me an interest only mortgage over ten years, with only £86 a month to pay. If I look on it as very cheap rent for a 3-bed house, I should be fine. I have never stayed anywhere for as long as ten years, anyway. Five years in one place has been my limit. I am a rolling stone!


Jacula said...

That sounds good, Hydra. It'll be lovely to have your own place with all your own things in it again.

Hope all goes well for you.xx

Perovskia said...

You're like me.. not being able to stay in one place for long. I'm just starting to learn to anchor in some roots the past few years. It's weird :)

Luck on the new house!!

Jacula said...

..and there's me getting slightly itchy feet after 30 years in one home, 32 in one village. LOL

hydra said...

I put one flat on the market three days after I moved in, 'cos you could hear every footstep upstairs. It drove me mad. It took me a year to sell the flat - a year in which I couldn't go to sleep till all three flat-sharers upstairs had gone to sleep.