Sunday, 24 January 2010

T-Mobile too mobile!

Isn't it typical? Just when you think you have a pleasant day ahead with nothing to spoil it, something does. My mobile phone bill arrived and was inexplicably high. I have been with T-Mobile since they started and am on a very good deal with a loyalty discount. Recently, I went into my local T-Mobile shop and was awarded a phone upgrade so long as they could sign me up for another 18 month contract. I agreed, as long as I could stay on my present contract, which is a manageable amount each month.

Anyhow, I just rang them asking for an explanation, only to be told that the cunning sod in the T-Mobile shop had changed things on his computer, so my current cheap deal ran for one month only, and then I was switched to a much more expensive deal. The unhelpful woman in customer services told me I would have to take the bus into town and take it up with the people in the shop. Yet she could have put things right just by tapping a few digits into her computer. I am steaming mad. Mr G says they have broken their contract with me and I am free to go elsewhere. I hope this is true. He has a good deal with Virgin and only pays £10 per month. I have checked the contract they gave me in the shop and there is no mention of my payment plan whatsoever. Whatever the outcome, my peaceful Sunday is now ruined.


Jacula said...

I hope this hasn't ruined your digestion and your day! Don't lose sleep over it just go and read the riot act at the shop tomorrow.

hydra said...

You might have hit on something, Jac! If you read today's entry, you'll see that I am ill again. Perhaps it's stress caused by bloody T-Mobile!