Thursday, 14 January 2010

Creams and Dreams

Just when I find a moisturiser that really works (L'Oreal's Age Re-perfect) I have to go and develop an allergy to it. The first week was fine and even Mr G noticed my wrinkles vanishing. But last night I awoke with streaming eyes and nose, and this morning I've just put the day cream on and can't stop sneezing and blowing. That's £40+ down the drain.

I have tried others that don't make me sneeze and stream, but they don't work. What do I do? Put up with the allergic rhinitis and see my wrinkles disappearing, or smear my wrinkles with the hypoallergenic goo that doesn't work? The latter seems a pointless exercise, apart from the fact that it makes my face feel less like it's going to crack if I smile.

On another subject, I sometimes wake in the night with an idea for a song, short story or poem in my head, so I decided the solution would be a notebook and pen next to the bed for my nocturnal inspirations. Two nights ago I woke up with the most wonderful poem literally writing itself in my mind. The notebook was an arm's reach away. As was the light switch. I thought about it. Either act might wake me up so I couldn't get back to sleep again. Damn it, I thought. I'll remember it in the morning and work on it then. Next day, it was six in the evening before I recalled the previous night's poem. Did I remember a word of it? What do you think!


Jacula said...

That's a shame! I wonder what you're allergic to in it? I've got the eye cream. It IS good stuff. Someone bought my stepdaughter a whole gift set of the creams - she's only 15. Wish they'd given it to me instead!

Incidentally, you'll be please to know that the Christmas bouquet you sent us is still going strong - only the chrysanths perished. The red carnations and greenery are still lovely and I've added some fir branches, berried pyracanthus and holly.

Jacula said...

Have you tried No7 Essential Moisture creams? They're quite dear but I find them good.

hydra said...

I don't believe it! That's how many weeks those flowers have lived? I do recommend that firm if ever you want to send flowers to anyone. Haven't tried No7 Essential Moisture creams. I tried the famous Protect and Perfect and they did nothing for me.

Jacula said...

I was just thinking, have you tried The Bodyshop facial creams? Might be less to be allergic to in them?