Sunday, 10 January 2010

Supermarket spat

Deleted yesterday's post as I hadn't realised it made me sound as if I condoned homophobia! Which I certainly don't. The point I had been trying to make was that I'd love to find a chap who enjoyed watching costume dramas and soaps, and there aren't many of those around.

Mr G has just asked me if I'd 'like' to go to Sainsburys with him. Is there anyone who actually enjoys going to a big supermarket? Bashing your way down the aisle through dozy people's shopping trolleys? Why am I the only person who tucks my trolley in nice and neatly so everyone can get past while I am perusing the cheeses which Sainsburys will insist on stacking on both sides of an aisle, rather than putting them all on the same side. Their logic quite evades me. As does Mr G's logic in using the self-checkout facility when he has a stacked trolley and half the items bleep for an assistant, and he curses and says it's all my fault for buying loose lemons, or whatever.

Mr G, who is a stickler for timekeeping, has suddenly yelled up the stairs that he told me 15 mins ago he was going in 15 mins time, and he will wait for nobody. It was only 5 mins ago that he said he was going in 20 mins time, and I told him I had to get changed first, not wanting to be seen outdoors in my grotty old tracky bottoms. So now he has gone and I have missed my only chance of getting to Sainsburys for a week as it is only accessible by car and I don't drive. Hooray!

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Teresa Ashby said...

I hate supermarkets too. And don't you find you keep bumping into those same dozy people all the way round the store?