Monday, 4 January 2010

The curse of the new phone

It's been obvious for months that my trusty Nokia N70 was dying. Even though I tried two new batteries in it, it refused to hold a charge for longer than a day and was always expiring just when I needed it most.

Just before Christmas, I went into a phone shop and was informed I could have a free upgrade. Feeling techy that day and wishing to try something new (fool!), I opted for a Tocco Lite. Big mistake. My blundering fingers just haven't got the whizz of youthful digits and soon my texts were going to the wrong people and I was in a hopeless tangle with it.

So yesterday I bought another Nokia. It's black and pink, oh so pretty and oh so light. But... in transfering info from one to the other, I have lost all my keepsake messages, like my daughter saying, 'Love you, Mum', which is music to my ears seeing I only found her four years ago and still haven't quite got used to being called Mum.

I shall persevere with this phone. It's got very few built-in ringtones and I don't know how to download any, but I'm sure I shall soon get used to its beeps and tweedles. It's got a 3.2 megapixel camera so in a mo, I shall go out and take some shots of the beautiful silver frost in the garden.

Happy New Year!

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