Monday, 25 January 2010

Ill again

My goddaughter and family will be at Heathrow later with her parents, as she, husband and babe are flying back to Vancouver today after six weeks in the UK. They asked me to have lunch with them at Carluccio's in Terminal 5, but guess what? Having dropped off to sleep at 11pm, I awoke around 2.30 with the most ghastly stomach ache, lay awake till 6, when I dragged myself up and found Mr G feeding Flad. He had gone to bed at tennish and had a blissful, uninterrupted night. I have since had several unpleasant trips to the loo and it looks as if the IBS is back with a vengeance. Yet I only forgot to take my probiotics for one day. Not fair, is it?

It is horrible having your life dominated by your stomach, being unable to arrange things and rely on actually getting there because you are notorious for cancelling on the day due to feeling ill. I am so fed up with it that I have sent off for the York Test to try and find out what I am allergic to. I ate Mr G's stew with dumplings last night. I also drank some red wine. I don't mind giving up red, but if the test says I can't have any wine ever again.... I suppose you can't put a price on feeling well.


Perovskia said...

I doubt it's the wine. Have you tried getting tested for Celiac Disease?

hydra said...

No, I haven't. I've had a colonoscopy. That was a few years ago. They removed lots of polyps. Would that have shown up Celiac Disease? Also had an endoscopy which found ulceration and inflammation in the duodenum. Not one ulcer, a large ulcerated area. No wonder I have problems! The antibiotics for H. Pylori didn't shift it.

Perovskia said...

Antibiotics are the *worst* thing for your G.I tract. You really have to double up on your probiotics, then. What level is your probiotics, btw? 10 billion? etc.

A) Get a new colonoscopy. Imperative. Also an endoscopy; this will check for Celiac.
A-1) Get blood work for anemia; check iron and B12 levels (this might be low due to lack of absorption). Anyone with IBS will have poor absorption of nutrients.
A-2) Have you been checked for Crohn's? Colitis?
B) Are you adhering to a diet that is gentle and conditioned towards your ulcerative area?
C) No caffeine. No high (or refined) sugar. No high fat. Less processed foods.


Perovskia said...

Okay, maybe not NO caffeine or NO sugar (I'm not completely heartless). I'm just suggesting things that will provide less bowel irritation for you. But reducing these will work, too :) Sorry :)