Monday, 11 January 2010

More snow

Woke at 3.37 am as the room was illuminated. The outside light had come on, probably set off by foxes, and was reflecting off a fresh fall of snow. Very pretty. I woke again at 7, pulled an extra duvet on the bed, turned on the electric blanket and dozed till 8. From the bumps and bangs, I knew Mr G was up but when I sprang out of bed with a "Brrrr!", the radiator was stone cold.

Turns out he has decided to go back to his old regime of no heating till 10 am to give the hot water cylinder a chance to heat up. He only puts it on for two hours in the morning so of COURSE it's gone cold again by nighttime. No wonder when I stagger sleepily into the bathroom for a wash before bed, I get woken right up again. The bloody water has always gone cold. What a house! Yet he lived here for 10 years with his late partner and two small children. They were obviously made of sterner stuff than I. When I have had my own house, I have always had a combi boiler - hot water any time of day, as much as you want - and set the heating to come on at 7am. When you're living in someone else's house, it's hard to put up with their rules when you've been used to setting your own, with your own comfort in mind. I don't think I can stand it much longer.

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