Wednesday, 7 July 2010


My tomato plants are like triffids! I have six plants, five different varieties, and my golly they're growing well. I've never seen such thick stalks. I've had to prune them and tie them up to stop them toppling over. It will be most interesting to compare the different sizes, shapes and flavours. I'm doing battle with whitefly, blackfly and aphids. That's where a spray-bottle of soapy water comes in handy.

The flowers I planted out in pots are doing well.

Have you ever seen a colour like this petunia? Blue? Violet? I could drown in it.


Jacula said...

Gorgeous, the petunia, isn't it? Looks like velvet, too. Very appealing to 60s/70s babes like you and me.

Oh, and quite boasting about your tomato plants!:-)

Jacula said...

*quit, I meant.

hydra said...

I'm sure yours are doing fine. You'll probably get tons of toms and I'll get about three!