Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Foot update

I didn't get to visit my friend with the broken foot yesterday as I thought it was best to rest and keep putting the ice pack on my own foot, as the chiropractor had instructed. Today it is much less painful, but still a bit swollen and with a nice purple bruise. But now I can feel the result of what she was attempting to do. I can place my foot flat on the ground without rolling my ankle. My whole balance feels steadier. I feel more firmly rooted. I have pains in the muscles and tendons going up my leg as everything learns to work in a different way.

Today I have to put the foot to the test as I have to go to the dentist, which involves getting a coach to central London, then walking about three quarters of a mile. Heavy rain is threatened and I can only wear flipflops as anything else presses on the painful part of my foot. Flipflops in the rain... Sounds like a song title!

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