Thursday, 29 July 2010

Are they in love?

Psychologists use the term 'mirroring' to describe something we do unconsciously when we're attracted to someone, which is that we copy their movements. When they cross their legs, fold their arms or cup their chin in their hand, so do we. Look at these two cats, Flad and Chimimi. Is this is an example of mirroring? Or are their washing routines exactly the same?!

Chimimi is an elegant cat. She poses and seems to choose places to sit that naturally make for a good photograph. She should be in Cat Vogue. I'm sure she knows that by sitting on the stepping stone, she is beautifully camouflaged against the pebbles.

As for Flad... Elegant? Not!


Jacula said...

LOL at Flad flat out. All he needs is a string vest and a can of beer. I bet he'd scratch his hairy belly and fart, too, if he were a human male.:-)

Perovskia said...

rofl @ Flad. Her and Babu would get along well.

I love Chimimi. So pretty :)

hydra said...

He DOES scratch his hairy belly and fart, Jacula!!! He clears the room.