Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Guitar in the garden

I bought this new garden swing and Mr G put it together for me. It assembled quite easily until he got to the canopy, which just wouldn't stretch over the frame. Mr G rapidly realised that the pockets on the corners had been sewn in the wrong position, which is probably why the swing was on special offer! While I was at work on Monday, he cut them off and re-sewed them so now it fits perfectly. Yesterday afternoon, I got out the guitar for the first time in about a year. I was very rusty and a bit afraid to sing in case the neighbours heard, but I still managed to warble my way through Tracy Chapman's 'Sorry' and that old folk standard, 'Will ye go, lassie, go.' (Changed to 'laddie', of course.)


Jacula said...

Lovely photo, Hydra. I've always wanted a garden swing but most of our garden is on a slope, so wouldn't really work!

hydra said...

I paid £74 for it on Amazon. Not bad, eh?

Jacula said...

What the photo or the swing? LOL. I know you meant the swing really.