Sunday, 25 July 2010

My working week

I really miss the part-time job I had last week. I was working as receptionist for my chiropractor, which involved booking people in, rearranging bookings, filling slots where people had cancelled, taking payments for both the chiro and the massage therapist, which were different for different people and different lengths of treatment, making phone calls, running errands... but above all, meeting, greeting and chatting. The two ladies I was working for were fabulous. I know the chiropractor well, of course, as I am one of her patients. It was wonderful to be with people instead of stuck all on my own in my hot, sweaty attic. (Well, Mr G's, not mine.) Now, everything feels flat. Maybe I should look for another job...

You'd be surprised how many hunky men you meet in a chiropractor's practice. I had a few fantasies, I can tell you, and had to keep reminding myself that they all had bad backs!

I've updated my wildlife blog with lots of photos, so do have a look.

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Jacula said...

LOL re the bad backs. Mind you, that means they can't get away! LOL