Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Flad and the lodger

We call Chimimi from next door 'the lodger', as she's semi moved in, but although Flad tolerates her, they're not exactly best buddies. This is because when he moves towards her to give her a friendly hello, she always hisses at him, the little minx! The other day we threw some leftover chicken out for the foxes. Flad always sits guarding any food that lands on the lawn, but he didn't seem to mind Chimimi pinching a few scraps. (She's not supposed to eat anything but hard biscuits, as she's had a stomach operation and is on a special diet. Anything other than biscuits makes her sick, but she still can't resist the lure of meat and fish, just as I can't resist chocolate even though it gives me indigestion!)

I was relaxing in the hammock when suddenly something descended on me from a great height. Chimimi. She didn't like the way the hammock swung, and soon scrambled out, having dug twenty claws in me first.


Jacula said...

Is that a smile on your face or a grimace of pain?

hydra said...