Thursday, 29 July 2010

Butterflies in my tum

Tonight I'm meant to be reading three poems at the Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden. I have only read a poem in public once before and I was so scared that my voice disappeared and I could hardly read from the quivering page in my trembling hands.

It's now 11.30 am and my reading is six hours off, but my heart is pounding and I feel sick and I'm praying for a sudden Tube strike. What a wimp!


Joanne Fox said...

I hate public speaking of any sort, but plenty of preparation helps. And Bach Rescue Remedy too! Once you've done it you'll feel so relieved and proud that you didn't chicken out.

hydra said...

I HAVE chickened out. I've told my friends who were coming to support me that I'm a big, fat wimp and I'm not coming as I've been rushing to the loo all day. I'm an odd sort. I come across as very confident in a one-to-one, but in public situations, I'm really shy and when I was an editor, I could never talk to writers' groups. My folk-singing career didn't last long, either, as the stage-fright was too much.

Jacula said...

The adrenalin rush (fight or flight reaction) is what makes you feel sick, trembly etc. I, too, get terrible stage fright and hate public speaking if it's 'a performance' of my own work. I suppose it's a bit like revealing a bit of your soul to people and it's scary. I'm okay if talking to a group of people about something I'm confident I know about and also if I'm not reading out my own stuff.

I could probably have read your poems out, no problem. I bet you could have done the same with mine!

Joanne's right about the feeling if you do get through the fear. There's still time to go and do it!