Monday, 5 May 2008

Out of sorts

Woke up at 5 am today aware of the fact that I felt thoroughly out of sorts. I had forgotten to take my prebiotics last night so my stomach felt bloated and painful. In addition, my ulcer was smarting away in my midriff - it feels as if someone has scoured the inside of my stomach with a prickly Brillo pad - and my neck and shoulder muscles are tight, giving me a headache. What a way to start a lovely, sunny day.

Of course, I have been very upset about my god-daughter for the last few days, so I suppose this hasn't helped. Last night's dinner wasn't exactly a gourmet delight, either. Potatoes that went grey during cooking, resulting in mash that looked as if it had been scraped off a muddy floor, and tasteless sausages from Somerfield. The only thing I enjoyed was a grilled tomato with basil sprinkled on it, and a handful of steamed green beans.

Tomorrow, I hope to be going off to sunny Cornwall, so I hope my symptoms will have cleared up. I shall have something plain and simple tonight, such as fish, poached or grilled, or a light veggie pasta. Then, fingers crossed that I'll feel well enough to head to Paddington at 9am.

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