Friday, 9 May 2008

Cat among the flowers

Cats always know the best spots to lie, where they not only get shade but look cute, too! Here is Flad, posing by plants old and new. I have crippled myself potting up fuchsias and violas and am ponging of Biofreeze (totally recommended, has reduced back, neck and shoulder pain by about 75% so I feel much brighter than I did when I creaked out of bed this morning!).


Jacula said...

Flad looks a bit like Felix, our local stray. I called him Felix because he looks like the cat on the Felix cat food label.

I love the French lavender you've just bought. I keep planting it in my garden but it keeps dying. The garden's just not well drained enough any more. Hopefully, the raised borders will solve that problem once we've got them done.

hydra said...

I call Flad Felix. It's only Mr G who insists on calling him Flad. This one was a stray too. He was about six months old, had been 'done', and kept nicking the scraps put out for birds and foxes. He was highly nervous for about four years, but once the other two cats died (aged 22 and 23 apiece), he came into his own and now rules the household.