Thursday, 27 March 2008


Ooch! Ouch! Woke at 1.30 after 2 1/2 hours sleep with agonising leg cramp. I yelled, tumbled out of bed and tried to stretch it, to no avail. The muscle was solid. I hobbled to the bathroom and rubbed some Mobilat cream in, to no avail. In the end, I wandered round the house for two hours, deadly tired, trying to ease the pain and in the end I popped my wheat neck pillow in the microwave and crawled back into bed with it tucked under my leg, and managed to sleep till 7.15. I think this is the price I have to pay for spending too long at the computer writing my book, and not exercising. I am dreading going to bed tonight.

I Googled cramp cures and came up with all kinds of things ranging from eating a banana at bedtime (potassium helps prevent cramp), keeping a teaspoon by the bed and rubbing it on the affected limb, pressing beneath my nose, and taking magnesium tablets. I have all these, so I shall try the lot! Saves cutting my leg off.

Later: despite cramp and tiredness, traipsed round Tesco, took library book back, went to bank etc, etc, and it was 5pm before I sat down to do any writing. Stopped at 7.10pm. Word total now 34,315. Wonder if it's any good?

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Jacula said...

Sometimes, all that's needed to combat cramp is a dose of salt. Yes, it's that simple. If, like many of us, you've cut down on salt and you're not an eater of processed foods, you sometimes need a salty snack. A packet of crips or a bag of peanuts will usually do the trick. It's not something you have to do often. Works for me!