Saturday, 22 March 2008


Today we have had just about every type of weather: thunder, snow, sleet, hail, rain, gales and sunshine. Everything bar the type of heat associated with sunbathing. Even the goldfish were up at the top of the pond, leaping up as if thinking the chunks of hail were munch-worthy flies.

When I started this blog, I was intending to concentrate on ailments and cures. But first it turned into a general diary and now it looks as if it is acquiring a writerly bent. So, just for a moment, let's go back to basics: health matters. My arthritic fingers have been giving me hell, probably reacting to the cold and damp. But I massaged in the trusty arnica gel and it has done the trick and I have just written the first 500 words of Chapter Six! So far I have achieved 21,400 words. That means I have written a quarter of the book. There... the blog is getting away from me again, whizzing from health to writing once more. It is evolving of its own accord, taking on the life it really wants to have. Soon, I shall have to change its name from 'told you I was ill', to 'told you I was writing'. I tried 'writer's block' as a title but someone had already taken it. Anyway, I am not blocked any more. That challenge from my agent acted as literary castor oil.


Jacula said...

Hello again, Hydra. We've had just about every kind of weather here in Worcs today, too.

Re the blog. I like the way it meanders from this to that. I've no doubt mine will do the same (when I get around to actually beginning it). I don't think you should change the name; it's perfect as it is, plus it gives you, and the rest of us, the chance to have a moan about our ailments as and when the fancy takes.:-))

Happy Easter to you!

hydra said...

Tnanks, Jac! Do start yours. Mine has helped me in a big way. I hadn't written anything creative for about five years, not even a diary, until I began it and it has been an amazingly good outlet and has got me going again as a writer.