Friday, 14 March 2008

Cats 2

Study the pictures below. (For some reason, having uploaded the pics, Blogger wouldn't allow me to type in the same box.) Study them and think: why do cats always look their smuggest and most contented when sleeping somewhere they shouldn't?

On the left: Flad as he is right now, not just on the bed, but on Mr Grumpy's clean tracksuit bottoms. (Given the choice of bedspread or clean garment to sleep on, he will always choose the latter.)

On the right: Flad on Mr G's typing chair. When Mr G lowered his posterior next to said fat cat, out came the claws and puuuuuuuushed. Mr G grabbed cat and pulled. Cat got claws into fabric and stuck to chair. Cat 1, Human 0.

Can anyone tell me why?


Graeme K Talboys said...

Ha. I don't dare get up from my chair until I've finished work for the day or the cat is there, faster than the speed of light. Given her age, this is remarkable. Once there, she turns from feral fireball to Miss Cutie 2008 - until you try to move her. Then just enough claw appears to catch a glint of sunlight.

hydra said...

You are a poet, graeme. That glint of sunlight... I enjoyed your poems on your blog. Must post some of mine.