Sunday, 2 March 2008

Little moments of bliss

Every so often, a few things come together and I realise I am, for that moment, really happy. I call them 'little moments of bliss'.

Sometimes they happen when I see something beautiful, such as a cloud that is outlined in gold by the sun, or a perfect flower flaunting its perfume and petals (see last year's passion flower, left). It can happen when our shy cat suddenly nudges my hand and strokes himself against my fingers and I feel a sudden exchange of love between us. But little moments of bliss can be the result of much more mundane things than this.

Yesterday, I was sitting in a coffee shop in Uxbridge when one occurred. I had taken a sip of an especially good latte, and a bite of a squidgy custard Danish. I was seated alone at a small table from where I could watch the shoppers pass by. I took a deep, relaxed breath and suddenly felt free and happy. It was one of my 'moments'. So be aware that they can happen any time, any place, for whatever reason. And you can never have enough of them.

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