Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Spot the pea!

Apologies to those who have already seen this photo on Facebook but I couldn't resist mentioning it here as well. I paid a tenner for dinner and a showing of The King's Speech at the local theatre, the Beck in Hayes, Middlesex. I could have paid £2.50 and just seen the film but I thought... oh, I don't know, dinner sounds good.

I arrived to find tables set out, all with name cards on them. I had to find mine and of course I was the only lone person at a table full of friends who had come together. I feel very self-conscious in situations like this. I hate eating alone at restaurants and thought I would have been able to pick a seat in a hidden corner somewhere. But still, there I was, I couldn't do anything about it.

Dinner was supposed to be sausage, mash and peas. It turned up and when I saw there was only one pea, I fell about laughing. So did the two ladies who were still waiting for theirs, one of whom got one pea and the other two. The sausages were disgusting. I ate three quarters of one, then filled up with gravy and potatoes. Dessert was three blobs of ice-cream, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, without even a strawberry on top. There was no coffee or tea, you had to buy those separately. The food was an utter rip-off and I shall never make that mistake again... except I was told that at the matinee, the food had been scampi and chips. That sounded tempting until I realised it was probably scampi and chip. Or even scamp and chip!!!

While I was there, I bought myself a ticket to see Steeleye Span on the 4th. I feel a lonely saddo, a Jilly-no-mates, going to shows and meals on my own, but as Mr G flatly refuses to accompany me anywhere and I have no friends in the area, it's a case of getting used to it or sitting in front of the telly every night in mind-numbing boredom, just like my parents used to do. I think going to things on my own is preferable to that. And who knows, maybe one day I shall make a local friend. In fact, I intend going to the monthly folk club on Thursday. I'm rather partial to bearded folkies with guitars. Hm. That thought has perked me up! Better dig out my kaftan and sandals.


Frances Garrood said...

That meal sounds revolting. But I bet you didn't complain...did you? Was the pea some kind of joke?

Jacula said...

What a rip-off! God knows what was going on with the peas - unless it was to pee you off. One of your sausages doesn't even look cooked and the presentation of the meal is awful.

hydra said...

I had had a bad stomach all week. Perhaps it was from that sausage!