Friday, 25 March 2011

New pond

Mr G has decided to revive the pond. It was looking quite nice with a ton of gravel in it and the plants replaced, but the water kept disappearing and he guessed there was a hole in the liner somewhere underneath all that gravel. So he bought a new pond liner on Ebay and got to work. Here it is in its various stages.

First of all, he took out some of the gravel he'd already put in.

Then he lined it with fleece, making a miniature Himalayas.

Next, the liner went in. It took three hours to fill it up with water, then finally he repositioned the plants. Today, he has trimmed the edges of the fleece and liner and is edging the pond with decking. He is adamant that he's not getting any more fish, though. Wonder if he'd notice if I sneaked a couple in?


Perovskia said...

Definitely sneak a couple in ;)

.. but why fleece? I've never heard that before.

hydra said...

It's to cover any sharp stones or gravel to prevent the liner being punctured or torn.