Thursday, 31 March 2011

A snowdrift of blossom

Every time I see pink cherry blossom, I am reminded of the 1958 movie starring Dirk Bogarde and Yoko Tani, The Wind Cannot Read, in which the song Sayanara, with its line, 'No more we shall see pretty cherry blossom on the tree, reduced me to tears.

This morning, though, it looked more like confetti on Mr G's front drive and car. No spring wedding is likely here, though!


Jacula said...

I haven't seen the film, but I do remember my best friend Linda keeping on putting her hands together, bowing and saying 'Sayonara' for ages after seeing some film or other back in the 60s.

I miss the pink cherry blossom tree that once grew in the grass verge outside our house. The cable guys killed it by chopping half of its main roots off when 'cable' first got laid all over the UK in readiness for TV and the internet. The council 'were' going to come and remove the stump and plant a new tree, but it never happened. I could ask for a new tree now, but I know the local vandals would only keep snapping every new sapling in half.

hydra said...

You could plant one in your garden, though!