Wednesday, 2 March 2011

New pond

Two tons of gravel were delivered the other day and today, as it's not raining (makes a change!), Mr Grumpy has set about shovelling it into his ancient wheelbarrow, which has various holes in it made by rust (or metal maggot, as Mr G calls it), trundling it through the garage and into the back garden, where he is emptying it into the pond. To see him doing this after suffering two major strokes is truly amazing. Even 18 months ago he could hardly use his right hand.

At the weekend, he drained all the water out of the pond and removed the large frog that you can see in the Hillingdon Wildlife blog. The pond was originally five feet deep; not intentionally, but a lad ran amok with the mechanical digger and dug a far bigger hole than was necessary. Now Mr G is filling it up and the plan is to make it only two feet deep so it is much more manageable. He is debating whether to keep it as a wildlife pond for frogs and dragonflies, or get more fish. I bet the fish idea will win him over in the end. He does miss his big old finny pets, some of whom he'd had for 22 years. And I miss seeing them gliding gracefully around, and coming up for a stroke, a tickle and a pellet of fish food.

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